Paulson vineyard casino chips

Paulson vineyard casino chips the canery casino

This is because the label is recessed about 0. Take note of the slightly off-centered printing on both labels. Paulson Home Poker Chips.

The solid or multi-color edge spots vary from casino to casino and from denomination to denomination within each casino. Everything about this chip gets better with age. These are the real deal Want to join the rest of the ChipTalk members? Chjps 22, Messages:

Inside a Paulson Vineyard Casino poker chip. A damage test on a Paulson Vineyard poker chip. Written. The Vineyard Casino $ Chip (Paulson) | Collectibles, Casino, Chips | eBay! These chips are authentic Vineyard chips from the vault of the now bankrupt Vineyard casino in Fowler California. These chips are highly collectible and nearly.

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